How to Be a Beacon of Hope for Others

If there is one common theme for 2020, it’s the loss of hope. But hope is absolutely essential. Hope is the driving force behind many things in life, whether it’s to keep going another day or work extra hard in hopes for that next promotion. With the right tools under your belt, you can become a beacon of hope for others.

Be Someone’s Cheerleader

It’s easy to lose motivation. Sometimes, things seem too far off in the distance to remain hopeful for. Other times, it’s taking far more effort than expected, which causes one to feel tired out and losing their grip on hope. So what can you do?

The best advice is to be their personal cheerleader. Encourage them to keep going no matter what. With you on the sidelines when they’re feeling down, there is no way they can keep going in a negative direction. Bust out the figurative (and sometimes literal) pom-poms!

Keep People Accountable to Their Goals

It’s easy to slide by in this day and age and not be accountable for much in life. But this is no way to live, especially when it comes to hope. Keeping people responsible for their goals will help them to be less likely to lose hope along the way. By doing so, they learn that they are in charge of their destiny. In return, they hold on to hope tighter.

Help Others When Required

Nobody said it would be easy, and we can all use a hand at one point or another. This is especially true when it comes to things we’re hoping for. If we’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to lose all hope.

That said, don’t be afraid to help others when required. Take the edge off a bit and help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel once more.

Be a Positive Role Model

You can’t expect to be a beacon of hope if you, yourself, don’t have the power to hold onto hope when times look bleak. You need to show people with your thoughts and actions that they can and should hold onto hope. Be a positive role model, and others will feed off of your positive energy.

Be the Fire Under Their Feet

Ever heard the term tough love? Well, sometimes it’s necessary — even if you might not want to do it. Tough love should be used as a last resort, but sometimes it’s essential for the situation. In fact, some people only respond to tough love. Being a bit harsher and blatant might be precisely what this person needs to buck up and hold onto their hope.

In a time where hope is being lost left and right, you can be the beacon of hope. It’s easier than you think! Cheer people on, hold them accountable for their actions and lend a hand when needed. Always remain the positive role model and, when necessary, be the fire under their feet and rev them towards hope.



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