Why My Dream Job Was Actually A Real Life Nightmare

How the Hope Man Came to Be…

Hi All, Kaid Collins aka The Hope Man here. Can I tell you a little story? It’s about how the Hope Man came to be…

From the moment my eyes opened on Sunday, I was gripped by the Sunday Scaries.

It wasn’t even Monday, but I was already dreading the next morning when my alarm would go off and I’d have to start all over again.

You may have felt this at some point too, right? The dread of the monotony and grind that awaits you come Monday morning.

I was nearly 5 years in to what, from the outside, was considered a dream job. A Fortune 100 Company, a company car, with a great salary….and yet, I was miserable.

For years, I had worked my a$$ off for this company and had the metrics and business contracts to show it! But too many times credit had been given to someone else, too many times had metrics been changed last minute and bonuses lost, too many times had I been given bad advice from my manager.

I was desperate for something more and I was mad at both myself and the world for not having found it here…

I had followed the cultural road map to a T. Get your bachelors from a prestigious university. Land the Fortune 100 job right after graduation. Earn the promotions and climb the ladder.

And yet, it wasn’t what I wanted. I needed more. I needed what I think all of us in our heart of hearts wants.

I wanted MEANING.

I didn’t want to just be a number at a huge corporation. I wanted to be known, I wanted to make IMPACT.

I wanted to be the leader I knew was inside of me, desperate for his moment to shine.

What happened next will shock you…Tomorrow, I’ll share how it took nearly losing my life for me to finally take some action…


The Hope Man

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